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Enrollment Information

For more information please see Ms.West, Site Coordinator, in the main office.  At the present time we are have a wait list for students trying to enter the program.

Bunche ASES Staff

Ms. Collins- Kinder/1st Grade Program Leader

Ms. Brooks- 2nd/3rd Grade Program Leader

Mrs. Smith- Kinder/3rd Grade Program Leader

Mrs. Desha- 4th/5th Grade Program Leader

Mrs. Cabral- 6th-8th Grade Program Leader

Mr. Smith- Campus Security

Program Staff Directory
Contact Patrice West  Patrice West Teacher 1st Grade


After School Program

Program Elements

The ASES Grant requires that all grantees provide a program which is aligned with, and not be a repeat of, the content of the regular school day and other extended learning opportunities in a safe physical and emotional environment. After school programs in Compton Unified School District consists of three essential components:

  • Academic Enrichment: In addition to receiving tutorial opportunities by CUSD classroom teachers, students who are enrolled in the Compton Unified School District ASES Program also receive supplemental instruction in one or more of the core academic subjects (reading/language arts, mathematics, history and social studies, or science). Each lesson is designed to reinforce previously introduced skills.

  • Project Based Enrichment: Students are exposed to teaching that active, collaborative, and meaning full through long-term group projects aimed at building self-esteem through cooperative groups. Each project is intended to offer students an opportunity to expand their knowledge on a specified topic through visual and performing arts. At the conclusion of each five to seven week thematic unit, students will have an opportunity to showcase their newly found skills to district officials, parents, guardians and community members through a school-wide student showcase.

  • Homework Assistance: Children will have an opportunity to start/complete assigned homework in accordance with CUSD grade level guidelines on appropriate homework time increments. The after school program does not guarantee that all homework will be completed.

Hours of Operation

The After School Program begins on the first day of school and concludes on the last day of school. Students attend the after school program from 2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily, except on Wednesdays when the program will run from 1:15 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Program Schedule


Our ASES afternoon starts off with Supper, then we have an hour of enrichment , which is centered around the thematic unit.  We also have homework assistance as well as academic support with tutoring and a computer math program. 

Program Plan

Important Dates
ASES Locker

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